We try to pick a varied and balanced program of about 45 minutes of music. Unfortunately, we can't promise particular pieces in advance, since the size of band attending determines what is possible. However, we do try and keep the following in mind when picking repertoire, so you have a good idea of what to expect:

  • Pieces should be challenging but not frustrating to work on.
  • Some core repertoire (sometimes referred to as 'brown music')
  • Something lighter, jazz or popular song based
  • Something more serious, an original work for symphonic wind orchestra
  • Compositions or arrangements by band members
  • Percy Grainger, who was a genius at scoring for wind band
  • Some film music, ideally John Williams
  • Nothing by Andrew Lloyd-Webber!

If you have any ideas for repertoire, please suggest them to the committee and we'll see what we can do. Have a look at the past workshops to see some typical programmes.