Saturday 30th May 2015 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • William Walton - Portsmouth Point [video]
  • Joseph Horovitz - Fete Galante [video]
  • Gustav Holst - Beni Mora [video]
  • Philip Sparke - Land of the Long White Cloud [video]

Saturday 1st November 2014 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • John Williams - Olympic Fanfare and Theme
  • John Barnes Chance - Incantation and Dance [video]
  • David Stanhope - Folk Songs for Band, Set II [video]
  • Chang Su Koh - Lament [video]
  • Florent Schmitt - Dionysiaques [video]

Saturday 5th April 2014 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Shostakovich - Festive Overture [video]
  • Jonathan Dove - The Ringing Isle [video]
  • Akira Miyoshi - Secret Rites [video]
  • Guy Woolfenden - SPQR [video]
  • Timothy Jackson - Passacaglia [video]
  • Frank Ticheli - Vesuvius [video]

Saturday 23rd November 2013 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Aldo Rafael Forte - Dali [video]
  • Eric Whitacre - Equus [video]
  • John Williams/Johan de Meij - Star Wars Saga

Saturday 11th May 2013 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Adam Gorb - Midnight in Buenos Aires [video]
  • Fisher Tull - Sketches on a Tudor Psalm [video]
  • John Holland - like a very big twisty, turny thing... (premier) [video]
  • Joseph Horovitz - Bacchus on Blue Ridge [video]

Saturday 27th October 2012 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • James Curnow - Rejouissance [video]
  • David Bedford - Sun Paints Rainbows on the Vast Waves [video]
  • Carl Nielsen - Rhapsody Overture, Fantasy Journey to the Faroe Islands [video]
  • Buxton Orr - John Gay Suite [video]
  • Percy Grainger - The Gum-Suckers March [video]

Saturday 29th October 2011 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Jehan Alain - Litanies [video]
  • Gustav Holst - Mars [video]
  • Michael Ball - Omaggio [video]
  • Philip Sparke - Spirit of the Sequoia [video]
  • Philip WIlby - Dawn Flight [video]

Saturday 21st May 2011 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • John Adams - Short Ride in a Fast Machine [video]
  • David Bedford - Ronde for Isolde [video]
  • Morton Gould - Symphony no. 4 (West Point Symphony) [video]
  • Frank Bridge - Adagio in E [video]
  • Adam Gorb - Awayday [video]

Saturday 30th October 2010
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Philip Sparke - Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn
  • Guy Woolfenden - Mockbeggar Variations
  • Edward Gregson - Horn Concerto (soloist: Marc Almond)
  • Eric Whitacre - Sleep
  • Percy Grainger - Lincolnshire Posy

Saturday 17th April 2010
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • John Williams - Summon the Heroes [audio]
  • Percy Grainger - Children’s March “Over the Hills and Far Away” [audio]
  • Walter Piston - Tunbridge Fair [audio]
  • John Barnes Chance - Elegy [audio]
  • Ottorino Respighi - The Pines of the Appian Way from The Pines of Rome [audio]

Saturday 17th October 2009
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Paul Hindemith - March from the Symphonic Metamorphosis on Themes of Carl Maria von Weber [audio]
  • Leos Janacek - Adagio
  • Percy Grainger - The Cutting of the Hay [audio]
  • Howard Hanson - Merry Mount Suite [audio: I, II, III]
  • Mark Camphouse - Symphonic Prelude 'Coleville-sur-Mer' [audio]
  • Philip Sparke - The Year of the Dragon [audio: I, II, III]

Saturday 15th November 2008
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford
  • Morton Gould - American Salute [audio]
  • Ottorino Respighi - Huntingtower [audio]
  • Adam Gorb - Dances from Crete (I, III and IV) [audio: I, III, IV]
  • Vincent Persichetti - Chorale Prelude ‘So Pure the Star’ [audio]
  • John Williams - The Cowboys [audio]

Saturday 17th May 2008
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

Some challenging reperoire this time, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves:
  • Gustav Holst - Fugal Overture
  • César Franck/Grainger - Chorale no. 2 in B minor
  • Roger Nixon - Fiesta del Pacifico
  • Robert Russell Bennett - Symphonic Songs
  • John Williams - Far and Away

Saturday 13th October 2007
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

Probably our biggest band yet! Repertoire was:
  • Leonard Bernstein - Overture to Candide
  • Percy Grainger - Colonial Song
  • Haim Permont - Hillulah
  • Gustav Holst - Hammersmith
  • Howard Hanson - Chorale and Alleluia
  • Adam Gorb - Bermuda Triangle

Saturday 17th February 2007
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

A really good turnout this time, and some exciting repertoire:
  • Charles Ives - Country Band March
  • Clifton Williams - Pastorale
  • Malcolm Arnold - Scottish Dances
  • Martin Ellerby - Paris Sketches

Saturday 11th March 2006
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

We've pretty much got the hang of running the day by now and things went very smoothly. The repertoire this time was:
  • Edward Gregson - Festivo
  • Guy Woolfenden - Gallimaufry
  • William Latham - Chorale Prelude 'Herzlich Tut Mich Verlangen'
  • Gustav Holst - Ballet music from 'The Perfect Fool'
  • César Franck - Piéce Héroique
  • Peter Graham - Gaelforce

Saturday 8th October 2005 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

The band size dipped a little - we seem to have a real problem with single reeds - but we were still able to play through a good program of things and stuff. This time the John Williams was slow and (mainly) quiet!
  • Leonard Bernstein - Slava!
  • Malcolm Arnold - Prelude, Siciliana and Rondo
  • Percy Grainger - British Watersides
  • John Williams - Hymn to the Fallen
  • William Walton - Orb and Sceptre

Saturday 5th March 2005 [photos]
Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

We certainly built on the success of the first workshop, with nearly forty musicians involved. The bigger band meant we were able to tackle a more challenging selection of music:
  • John Williams - Olympic Fanfare and Theme
  • Percy Grainger - Irish Tune from County Derry
  • Philip Sparke - Sunrise at Angel's Gate
  • Robert Russell Bennett - Suite of Old American Dances

Saturday 14th August 2004 [photos]
Trinity Methodist Church, Basingstoke

Although the inaugural band was smaller than hoped for, the day was a great success, and we were able to work through a varied selection of music:
  • John Barnes Chance - Elegy
  • Gustav Holst - First Suite in E flat
  • Lord Berners - The Triumph of Neptune (selection)
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams - Toccata Marziale
  • John Williams - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (selection)